Here's a scene from 'Chihuahua Too!' when the kids first get a glimpse of Sophie the ghost dog, and follow her upstairs...

Here is the opening title sequence from the short film 'The Man From Jalisco.'  The film centers around the anonymous 'Man From Jalisco' who is writing editorials exposing the drug cartel activity in the area.  Suffice it to say it gets a bit dark....

In this comical scene from 'The Little Ponderosa Zoo' the banker makes a mad dash downstairs to replace a teller.   Hold on......!

This is a scene from 'Bandit and The Saints of Dogwood'.  The kids are hanging out at 'Camp' as an unexpected visitor arrives.  After a quick reunion, they form an escape plan and put it into action. Lots of fun, antics, and mayhem ensue, as Bandit and the kids escape - much to the chagrine of the camp's security guys!

This scene is from the movie 'Best Friends' featuring Heidi, the Snow Dog. She's in for a fun adventure!

And now for a little French music.  Here's something I composed for the trailer of the movie 'Shall We Kiss?.'   Cue the accordion.....!


The following scenes feature music cues in various contexts - some dialog underscoring, some action, some comedy, some drama.... Have fun!

This short scene from 'The Little Ponderosa Zoo' concerns a rescued monkey named 'George'.  The zoo featured in the movie is in Clinton, TN (The Little Ponderosa Zoo and Rescue), and George is an actual animal that was rescued from a meth lab, and is undergoing a slow rehabilitation.  He was badly mistreated.

Here's another scene from 'Bandit' as Katie, the girl who does not speak, finally does, to the amazement of the gang.  Her story inspires them all to action, and they put their next plan into motion.  


This scene is from 'The Little Ponderosa Zoo.'  The Mayor and Banker negotiate the split of the proceeds from the Zoo that they are trying to acquire -- illegally....!  Very tongue-in-cheek, with lots of dialog and music.

The Siberian Tiger tracks are shown to be fake, and Charlie heads off to the bank where she has a serious case of deja vu.  She's not going to take things lying down though!


Charlie and her Dad have a little heart to heart... Music underscores the dialog.