W. Gregory Turner's music has graced projects across all media, from feature films and television to CGI movies, videogames and apps. A composer of immense versatility, as well as a confessed technology junkie, Turner's love of all things orchestral coupled with his experience in an ever-increasing list of genres give him the ability to effortlessly move between projects as diverse as psychological thrillers and children's fantasy. His writing encompasses music for symphony orchestra, big band, a cappella choirs and vocal groups, as well as digital orchestrations in his state-of-the-art recording studio.

Growing up in Michigan in a household filled with music at all hours of the day, Turner began his music studies on piano at age 9, adding trombone several years later. His ability on trombone landed him regularly in state honors bands and orchestras, brass choirs and local symphony orchestras throughout high school. His piano interests broadened from traditional classical studies into ragtime and later jazz, which led to his forming his own jazz group, and performing in various big bands and small groups, as well as rock and funk bands. It was during his high school years that he became interested in composition and arranging and got his first taste of electronic music synthesis. To this day, synthesizers and sampling technology figure prominently in his work.

While attending the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston and pursuing a degree in Jazz Composition and Arranging, Turner was first exposed to composing music for motion pictures. The power of music and picture combined proved to be a defining moment in his creative life. Upon graduation, Turner received a commission from the Battle Creek Symphony and also worked as a keyboardist in various groups, and wrote arrangements for a variety of entertainers in Atlantic City and beyond. Shortly after relocating to Los Angeles, Turner began a fruitful association with veteran television composer Dick DeBenedictis, providing orchestrations, source music and specialty arrangements for a number of major prime-time network television shows. His success in this work led inevitably to his being given his own episodes to score, which in turn led to composing music for independent feature films. In 1994, with the advent of the CD-ROM, Turner's work expanded into the videogame industry as an audio director and composer, while continuing to work in independent films. Music composition and arrangements for many well-known and well-loved licenses ensued, including Land Before Time, Sesame Street, Casper, Ironman, Star Wars, Rugrats, Battle Stations and recently, Penguins of Madagascar. To date, his work can be heard on well over 120 released titles from all major game publishers.

Throughout all of Turner's work, both in films and games, his ability to 'get inside' any project he's working on has been universally heralded by those with whom he has worked, including director Peter Bogdanovich and producer/actor Sydney Poitier. In the past several years Turner has once again turned his attention to so-called 'serious' music, composing choral works and other music for the concert hall. His 'Nocturne' and 'Concerto For Bass Trombone' were recently given their world premieres by Randall Hawes, bass trombonist for the Detroit Symphony.

In his concert music, Turner's voice showcases a broad musical palette - splashes of the tones, textures and rhythms to which he has been naturally drawn, as well as the styles he has been called upon to absorb while working on a vast array of media projects. His musical aesthetic paints a rich canvas with an unwavering sensitivity and uncommon emotional depth through the use of melody, space and texture. His is music to move the listener, to touch them. Visual music.

August, 2014