Casino Game Audio Portfolio

This page contains Videos, Music and Sound Design from a variety of casino games I have created audio content for.



Thanks for stopping by to check out my Casino Game Audio portfolio!  All of the audio design, music composition, production, mixing and mastering you hear on this page was performed by myself - even some VO!  All of the animations and audio are from top performing casino games by a major casino game developer I have provided audio content for.

Here are Attract Videos from a variety of casino games...


Here's a collection of Symbol Animations with their custom sounds...


Here are some sets of Reel Spins from several different casino games:


Samurai Sun:


Wild Parrots:


Siberian Siren:


Tides Of Fortune:


Legend Of The White Buffalo:


Here are a few Specialty Animations with their Music and Sound:



Below are a couple of Music Demos compiled from the original music I have composed and produced for past projects.  The Casino Game Music Suite consists of excerpts from the FreeSpin music from a variety of casino games I have worked on. The second demo features music I have created in a variety of different musical styles for commercially released Video Games from major publishers.  Also included is a short Sound Design Demo...


Wow - if you've made it this far, congrats!!  Hope you've had fun listening to some of my audio and music creations.  If you care to hear more music that I have composed for films, television and other interactive media, please go to the VIDEO and MUSIC pages on my website.