'The Stray' - available at RedBox
AUGUST 28, 2012

Today is the RedBox release of 'The Stray', with original score by W. Gregory Turner. If you have kids, they will really enjoy this one! A very cute story about some kids who have to go to summer school and find a stray puppy playing there. The only problem is keeping the puppy a secret from the school Principal...

More Casino Games
JULY, 2012

Greg has begun work on another video slot machine game. The theme on this one is really fun and energetic. When he comes up for air, he'll fill you in on it a little more.......... wink

Greg to Score 'Trooper and the Legend of the Golden Key'
JUNE, 2012

Greg has just signed on to provide the music score for the feature film 'Trooper and the Legend of the Golden Key'. This is another kids/family movie you won't want your kids to miss. Trooper is an old blood hound and helps solve a mystery in the small town of Willow Glen. Coming to RedBox soon... stay tuned.

Yet Another Casino Game
MAY, 2012

Greg has just signed another casino game project. These projects are great - short, intense, and musically stimulating. They also give Greg another excuse to h-a-v-e to go to one of the local casinos. Dang... laughing

Another Casino Game
APRIL, 2012

2012 is shaping up as a very busy year already! Greg has just been asked to work on another casino game project. This time out, it's an ethnic themed game, which will provide an opportunity to compose for some different musical instruments than usual. Should be fun and interesting..........

Greg to Score Feature Film 'The Stray'
MARCH, 2012

Greg has just signed to compose and produce the music score for the film 'The Stray'. This is a nice kids/family movie starring some excellent children actors and a very cute puppy. If you have young children, you'll definitely want to see this when it's released!

More Casino Games
AUGUST, 2011

Greg has been asked to provide music and sound for another casino game. This one features a different, fun theme. Coming to a casino near you - in about 6 months!! wassat

Penguins of Madagascar Games Released

The day has finally come - the release of 'Penguins of Madagascar: Dr. Blowhole Returns, Again!'. The games, with original music by W. Gregory Turner, are being released on multiple-platforms (PS3, XBox 360 and Kinekt) and feature the original actors from the hit Nickelodeon show of the same name.

The game has been an absolute BLAST for Greg to work on, and features a 'retro-spy' musical world, with LOTS-o-Horns, big and small bands, more than it's fair share of quirky moments, 60's-style movie music (think Lalo Schifrin and John Barry), some funky 70s Cop-show styled music and a dash of Indiana Jones. Stir it up, and ya got 'Penguins of Madagascar' music! Check it out!! smile

Greg Signs to Create Music and Sound for Casino Game
JUNE, 2011

Greg has just signed on to create music and sound design for a new casino game project. The projec is a video slot machine game with an 'adventure' theme. See ya in Vegas..........! tongue

Game Score Completed
MAY, 2011

The music for the game project is now complete, and we're just waiting for the final game(s) -- it will be coming out on multiple platforms - to final. A-l-m-o-s-t able to tell you all about it!

Game Score Nearing Compleetion
MARCH, 2011

The game project Greg has been working on is getting close to being finished. At the moment he's recording music for the Kinekt version of the game, and putting the finishing touches on the rest of the music.

Still can't say anything specific about the game, other than that the original voice actors have recorded voice for the game......... More info coming soon!

Back To The Classroom

Just before Christmas, Greg received a call from The Master's College in Santa Clarita, CA, and was asked to teach a Music Form and Analysis class for the Spring Semester. So..... after a r-e-a-l-l-y L-O-N-G time, Greg is headed back to the classroom...... this time on the other side of the desk. laughing

In addition to his regular work, he's been revisiting and preparing material he hasn't looked at in.... well......... a little while........ wink

Game Score Progessing

Greg's work on the Game Project continues and is going well. The artwork looks fantastic and the levels are coming together nicely. More to follow.

"Penny For Dad" To Feature Original Score

Director Keith Harris has just signed Greg to compose and produce the score for his touching short film 'Penny For Dad.' This is a wonderful film with a great message which is sure to move you.

New Game Project Just Signed
AUGUST, 2010

W. Gregory Turner has just been signed to compose and produce the score for an upcoming multi-platform game featuring characters from several well-known animated films. Can't really say more than that, other than it''s going to be FUN! Stay Tuned! smile

"The Man From Jalisco" Scored
JUNE, 2010

Ryan Brandt's short film 'The Man From Jalisco' has just finished the final mix, featuring an original score by Greg. The Spanish/Latin-tinged music underscores this thriller about the drug cartels in Mexico and their effect on farmers in the bordering US communities. There is one r-e-a-l-l-y intense scene where...... well..... we won't go there.... crying

The movie also features music from the mariachi band Mariachi Mixteco.

"Cabo Bob" - new short film
APRIL, 2010

Greg has just signed on to compose and record the score for the short film Cabo Bob. Directed by the talented Kevin Berg, the story revolves around an overworked businessman who learns through a near-tragedy what counts most.

Humane Society

Greg has just completed the music for a new national campaign by the Humane Society of the United States, entitled 'Stories.' This new score is featured in nationally televised tv spots as well as on the HSUS website. The heart-felt score has resonated strongly with viewers in a campaign that shows the horrors of animal abuse, and how the Humane Society is stepping in to help.

Holyman Invades the South

Holyman Undercover will have an exclusive screening event in the South on April 9, 2010. The wacky comedy about an Amish dude who makes good in Hollywood - well, sorta... wink ... features an eclectic score by GT. To say the music has 'range' is kindof an understatement -- it's anything goes in this fun indy Christian film.

Check it out on DVD, to be released in June, 2010.

The Man From Jalisco - coming soon...

Greg has signed on to provide the score for the short film 'The Man From Jalisco', written and directed by Ryan Brandt and featuring Luis A. Medina in the lead role. Stay tuned for more info...

Dangerous Women at American Cinematheque
JANUARY 14, 2010

American Cinematheque celebrates Strike TV in a special event at The Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood. The one-night event features screenings of some of the best episodes, including 'Dangerous Women', with score by W. Gregory Turner. Panel discussions will follow with input from participants including Timothy Dalton and Steven de Souza, as well as representatives from Strike TV. Don't miss it!

"Waiting to Pop" Premieres in London

"Waiting to Pop the Question," a short film by Michael Franklin has its premiere in London on December 18. Featuring the brilliant acting duo of Stella Marney and Maxine Rideout in a subtext-driven, character study, the music of W. Gregory Turner takes on the role of a third character.

"Chronicles of Hernia" Premieres in Hollywood

"Chronicles of Hernia," a spoof on C.S. Lewis' famous fantasy series, premiered Sunday, December 6 at the Regent Theater in Hollywood. Greg Turner contributed some music to the score for the film, which was written and directed by John David Ware, founder of the 168 Film Festival Project.

Amish Take Boston

"Holyman Undercover," an offbeat comedy about a young Amish guy in Hollywood, featuring original score by W. Gregory Turner, to screen at the Greater Boston Christian Film Festival. The festival runs from September 24 through October 1.

"Broken" to premiere March 31, 2009
MARCH, 2009

"Broken" a short film directed by Patrick Ingram and featuring music composed by W. Gregory Turner will premiere Tuesday, March 31 at the Alex Theatre, Glendale as part of the 168 Film Festival. The festival is the culmination of the 168 Film Project, a faith-based, worldwide competition in which teams make a short film in 168 hours (1 week).

"Dangerous Women" to premiere January 22, 2009

"Dangerous Women," a new web series from David O'Malley and featuring music composed and performed by W. Gregory Turner, will premier on Strike TV (Strike.TV.org) on Thursday January 22, 2009. The series features the 'Ladies of the Evil Dead,' and will roll out over the following 6 weeks.

See it here: http://www.strike.tv/show/dangerous-women/

"Dangerous Women" coming soon to StrikeTV

Greg has just signed on to provide the theme and underscore for the new web series on Strike TV, entitled "Dangerous Women." Written by veteran screenwriter/producer David O'Malley, the series features the 'Ladies of the Evil Dead' - actresses Ellen Sandweiss, Betsy Baker and Theresa Tilly, and is directed by Lee Miller.

"Part comedy, part hyper-drama, with tantalizing doses of horror, suspense, satire, soap opera, fantasy and even sci-fi, “Dangerous Women” charts reckless forays into uncharted territory." That's how how series creator David O'Malley describes what he's cooked up for this new web series. It promises to be a fun time for all!

"Soul Trapper" Released on iTunes
OCTOBER 31, 2008

"Soul Trapper", the game industry's first all-audio videogame, is now available on iTunes in the App Store. The first Realtime audio adventure released, features a story by F.J. Lennon, with audio designed and created by Greg, and featuring the voices of some of the finest voice talent in the industry.

"Soul Trapper" is the first of a new genre of interactive audio adventures and published by Dave Warhol and Realtime Associates.

"Soul Trapper" Press Release and Audio Excerpt Released

A audio preview from the upcoming release of "Soul Trapper" - an interactive audio adventure, has been posted online at: http://www.rtaudioadventures.com/Soultrapper.html

In separate preview on gamecyte.com, David Warhol, President of Realtime Associates, the project's publisher, hailed Greg and team's contribution to the project as "the industry's first game to deliver "Triple-A-audio' ".

"Soul Trapper" Mixes Completed
SEPTEMBER 27, 2008

Final Mixes for "Soul Trapper" were turned in today, marking the completion of a grueling 3 months of production at the studio. Final programming tweaks will take place over the next several weeks, with release on iTunes later in October.

"Soul Trapper" features the voice talents of Peter Doyle, Mona Marshall, Karen Strassman and a host of other top Hollywood voice talent.

"Holyman Undercover" Screens at Feel Good Film Festival - Hollywood
AUGUST 27, 2008

The new comedy film "Holyman Undercover" screened recently at the Feel Good Film Festival, Hollywood CA, at the Egyptian Theatre. The film, featuring a score by W. Gregory Turner, stars David A.R. White, John Schneider, Fred Willard, Jennifer Lyons and Clint Howard.

The Feel Good Film Festival is a film-viewing experience for the entire family that encourages the development, production, and distribution of short or feature length films with positive themes, happy endings, that make audiences laugh, and that capture the beauty of our world.

Coming Soon - 'Soul Trapper' - an Interactive Audio Adventure
JUNE, 2008

Greg has just signed on to provide the audio direction and production for 'Soul Trapper', an Interactive Audio Adventure for the iPhone and iPod Touch. The project featuring the exploits of paranormal investigator Kane Pryce, and written by F.J. Lennon, is the first production from publisher Realtime Associates, and the first in the new genre of audio-only interactive titles for the iPhone.

Turner Media Works will be creating the entire soundtrack, providing original music and sound design, as well as directing the cast of veteran voice talent. Once completed, Soul Trapper will be available directly from the Apple iTunes App Store.

'Holyman Undercover' to receive original W. Gregory Turner score
APRIL, 2008

Greg has been tapped to score the new comedy feature 'Holyman Undercover'. The film, directed by and starring David White and featuring John Schneider, Fred Willard, Clint Howard and a cast of others, has recently completed filming, and will be released in the fall.

'Waiting To Pop The Question' to receive original score by W. Gregory Turner
MARCH, 2008

British director Michael Franklin has chosen W. Gregory Turner to score his film 'Waiting To Pop The Question'. Mary and Shelly take a journey of exploration from modern dating to old-fashioned courting in this dramatic and ultimately uplifting short, filmed in London and featuring an all-British cast.

W. Gregory Turner scores 'The Wheel'

'The Wheel', a short film by Patrick Shen, Jonathan Miller and Robert Oei, recently received an original score by W. Gregory Turner. The film is part of the 168 Film Project, which challenges filmmakers to produce a film in 168 hours utilizing scripture verses centered around a common theme. 'The Wheel' will be competing with other short films from filmmakers around the world.

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