Thanks for stopping by!  I'm a composer who's passionate about the transformative power of music with moving images, whether film, tv, games, or some other new media.  I am a musical storyteller, and with each project I work on, my goal is to find the 'soul' of the story, and to enhance and deepen the experience of what is already on the screen.  The function of music can be varied - sometimes playing the subtext of what we are seeing, sometimes matching the action, sometimes even becoming another character.  

The marriage of music, sound and image can, when everything is flowing, become something greater than its individual parts.  It's that 'magic' that I continually strive for in each project I collaborate on.   If you are a director, producer, musician, filmmaker, choreographer or game developer and value the contribution that the right music can bring to your project, let's connect! 



July 8, 2014  World premiere performances of 'Nocturne' and 'Concerto For Bass Trombone', by Randall Hawes of the Detroit Symphony.






I am always looking for new collaborators - in any media.  If my music touches you in some way, I'd love to hear from you!


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